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I have so I said that link out again because I think there are still a few slots available so we have you would need to do it on the level you know just make sure you put your name down there any questioning so let’s pick up where we left off we were talking about dividend policy no struggle how dysfunctional evidence our competence I think it’s stuck paid evidence because that’s what they’ve always done and dividends also strange responses from governments and politicians so I’ll give.

You at least couple Property Valuation Perth of things I’ve seen politicians and government suggest you tell me what you think the consequences of this would be a lady think it’s a good idea toilet’s assume it accompanies accumulating cash for us’ companies are accumulating huge amounts of cash two billion dollars in track three and a half or five billion dollars and overall cash let somebody looked at this is a bad idea this cash really should go to stockholders and they mandate that every company payout at least.

Forty percent of its earnings and I think that’s a good idea let me rephrase it if that law passes that every company has to pay forty percent of its early Tuesday budgetary five picks up my number Wanted to tell me which group of the company’s I’m listening are going to Bethe company’s ever be hurt the most from this action is going to large companies making huge profits probably not because it probably mature companies can afford to pay what about small companies losing money they’re losing money so forty percent of losses to losses know about high-growth companies are losing money again losing money but can you see why would high-growth companies remaking money this could be deadly.